Monday, May 27, 2019

PRE and IN-SEASON TEST/PRACTICE GUIDELINES for top ranked Pro Superbike Competitors

The following standards will be applied for Pro competitors in the CSBK National Championship Feature class, specifically for competitors who have placed in the top five overall positions in the final series points standings for 2016, 2017 and 2018 (Jordan Szoke, Ben Young, Samuel Trepanier, Trevor Daley, Michael Leon, Kenny Riedmann, Bodhi Edie):

1. These specific top 5-ranked racers are not permitted to take part in any form of testing at any Nationally scheduled CSBK Series venue within ten (10) days of the start of the National event at that site, UNLESS that event is a sanctioned racing event staged by a recognized racing group (RACE, SOAR, Society of ARL, EMRA, ASM) or an official test day staged by CSBK and announced prior to the start of the National season.

Competitors should check with CSBK staff prior to any test or private session at a National venue to ensure that they are not at-risk for penalties.

2. Competitors who are judged to have contravened this Rule will receive a post-Q starting grid penalty at the scheduled round of the CSBK National Championship that shares the location of the test infraction, or as soon as the infraction is discovered.

3. The Penalty for contravening this specific regulation will be a ten-position demotion on the Pro Superbike Feature start grid, a loss of any Q-related points (awarded to the next eligible competitor), and a $ 500 donation to the Rider Safety Fund.

4. This Rule will be examined and possibly modified during the off-season of 2019-2020.

5. The following events/days will be exempt from this restriction in 2019:

   a.Thursday, May 16, Pro6 Test Day, Shannonville Motorsport Park, ON.

   b.Thursday, July 16, Host Track Day, Atlantic Motorsport Park, N.S.

   c.Thursday, August 8, Rider’s Choice track Day, Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, ON.

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