CSBK Goes Ice Racing

One of the challenges that CSBK National road race regulars face is the lengthy off season required by the unfriendly nature of the Canadian climate when it comes to pavement-based racing.  When conditions get cold and slippery, there is no way to ride your 190 horsepower Pro Superbike racer.

However, some hardy competitors take advantage of our northern climate to ride, race and have fun on the frozen lakes of the “great white north.”  These activities take place across Canada, from matching small wheel XR100s to full blown open class motocross machinery.  Each region and type of bike has a specific style of studded tire to provide traction on the frozen, slick surface.

It is fascinating how a 60-horsepower modified dirt bike with special studded tires managed to provide a similar level of traction to what Canada’s best riders experience with their slick Dunlop rubber on a sunny day during the summer.

For an initial viewing of this unusual form of motorcycle activity, please join the CSBK video crew for a rare winter shoot at a secret harbour location and watch our ice riding primer above.