CSBK revise grids for Triple Header CTMP Superbike Weekend

Canadian Superbike Championship management has decided to revise the determining format for this weekend’s three Pro Superbike feature grids at the second round of the 2021 CSBK national championship motorcycle road racing series at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, ON.

Rain stopped the second of two afternoon sessions for the feature Pro Superbike category, where the top ten qualifiers from the first Q1 offering were provided with the opportunity to go out on special Dunlop Qualifying slick rubber.

CSBK Officials initially opted to use the results of the first session to determine the grids, since the unpredictable weather made continuing with the interrupted final “Q2” opportunity problematic. This decision was not well received by several Pro Superbike competitors. 

A short while later, a formal petition was submitted by eight of the ten racers who participated in the second “Q2” session to determine Pole and the starting grid. BMW’s Ben Young, Michael Leon, Ivan Babic and Jordan Royds, Suzuki racers Alex Dumas and Trevor Daley, Kawasaki pilot Sebastien Tremblay, and Honda mounted Steven Nickerson all requested that the times posted in the first half of the 20-minute rain-interrupted session be used to establish a grid.

Reigning Canadian national champion Jordan Szoke, riding for Kawasaki, and Tomas Casas, who crashed his Yamaha in the second session, did not sign the document.

“Based on the fact that the majority of the Pro racers asked for this adjustment, we have decided to respect their wishes and honour their request,” explained CSBK boss Colin Fraser. “We understand that the situation this afternoon was complicated, and tempers ran high. It is unfortunate that our goal to go for ultimate lap times with the special tires provided by Dunlop this weekend just didn’t work out.”

With the decision now final, the grid will look much different for the weekend’s three feature races, though Ben Young will retain pole position and Alex Dumas will still start second after both riders claimed the same positions in both sessions. 

Now starting third will be Sebastien Tremblay, who moves up one spot from his Q1 time, while Trevor Daley will take the biggest jump to complete the front row in fourth after only managing eighth in Q1. 

The second row will now be kicked off by Michael Leon in fifth, an improvement of two positions from his first session, while Steven Nickerson retains sixth place and the middle of the second row. 

Tomas Casas will move from third to seventh following the revision, after the early crash in Q2 cost him a second front-row start of the season. Ivan Babic will move up two spots to lead off the third row in eighth, while the biggest faller is reigning champion Jordan Szoke, who drops from fifth to ninth in what is his worst qualifying finish since 2010. 

Completing the revised top-ten will be rookie Jordan Royds, who qualified ninth in the initial Q1 session but did not complete a time in Q2. 

In summary, the full revised top-ten is as follows:

1.Ben Young (no change)

2.Alex Dumas (no change)

3.Sebastien Tremblay (+1 pos.)

4.Trevor Daley (+4 pos.)

5.Michael Leon (+2 pos.)

6.Steven Nickerson (no change)

7.Tomas Casas (-4 pos.)

8.Ivan Babic (+2 pos.)

9.Jordan Szoke (-4 pos.)

10.Jordan Royds (-1 pos.)

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The weekend schedule can be found on the series’ official website at csbk.ca.