Flashback Friday: The Modern Era Kicks Off

During the winter of 2022, CSBK will celebrate Suzuki’s 2021 National Manufacturer’s Title with a look back at the history of Suzuki’s production-based racers.  Each Friday will offer a glimpse into the impressive legacy of Suzuki’s success.

Image 2: Friday, January 14 

The 1985 Canadian National road racing season will be remembered for the launch of the modern era, with Suzuki’s all-new GSX-R750 and Yamaha’s ground breaking FZ750 attracting global attention.  In Canada, Michel Mercier headed the Suzuki factory program while Rueben McMurter was in charge of the Yamaha Motor Canada effort.  At the big race of the season at Shannonville Motorsport park in July, the Molson Superbike Challenge, Mercier (11) leads McMurter (24) through turn one during their dice for the victory.