Bridgestone CSBK Confirms 2023 Fuel Supply with Brooklin Cycle Racing

The 2023 Canadian National Championship motorcycle road racing series (CSBK) has confirmed the available spec fuel choices available to competitors for this year’s five round tour.  Since 2012, the Bridgestone CSBK tour has used specific fuel choices made available by trackside service and supplier Brooklin Cycle Racing.

CSBK Competitors have a choice of spec fuel, depending on the build and preparation of their motorcycle. The decision to move to a specific fuel for competition occurred during the previous racing era, when a wide variety of custom and expensive options, some with possible health risks for competitors, became available.

This year’s Bridgestone CSBK fuel plan was also complicated by the fact that all Canadian consumer level fuels now include ethanol, a component that is hard on race equipment and difficult to work with from a performance and tuning perspective.  

As well, the recent increase in the maximum permitted horsepower in the Superbike class, from 200 to 210 horsepower as measure on the official series Dynojet Dyno, has Canadian manufacturer’s asking for a higher spec, top level fuel option, to offer an additional method to increase horsepower while tuning each machine.  

Here are the four available fuel choices for CSBK in 2023, rated from most expensive/performance-oriented to street-bike level:

  1. Gulf Performance Plus – higher standard than the top spec fuel, MGP, available for the American National Series, and oxygenated.
  2. Gulf 100 – similar to MPG, and also oxygenated. (This option might not be available after the opening rounds if competitors all opt for the Gulf Performance Plus choice)
  3. Sunoco 98 – the long-time standard offering for CSBK Competitors, non-oxygenated, unleaded (as are all the options), racing gas, not available for the street;
  4. Sunoco 91 - custom coloured as previous, similar in spec to top available pump/street options.

All four fuel choices will be available from Brooklin Cycle Racing’s compound during each day of practice, Qualifying and Racing for the 2023 Bridgestone CSBK Championship, starting with the next Official Test Day at Shannonville Motorsport Park, Thursday May 18, prior to the Victoria Day opening National at the same facility east of Belleville, ON.