AMP Update as of Sunday morning, July 23

Bridgestone Canadian Superbike Championship officials are happy to confirm that progress on ensuring the safe departure of everyone at Atlantic Motorsport Park has officially begun Sunday morning, July 23.

In conjunction with local emergency services, work has started on installing a temporary bridge on the main road in and out of the facility (North Salem Road), which has suffered significant erosion in the wake of extreme rainfall and flooding early Saturday morning.

As this is a difficult and complicated process with no estimated time of completion, CSBK officials stress that no one leaves the facility until work is finished in order to avoid delaying the exit of all involved and/or causing additional unsafe road closures. 

CSBK officials will issue an update as soon as it is deemed safe to leave the facility. 

This is a customary response in extreme weather scenarios like the one witnessed across Nova Scotia with record rainfall this weekend. 

More updates will be provided when the temporary bridge is safely installed, at which point CSBK officials will do all they can to ensure the quick departure of everyone at AMP.

CSBK staff continue to prioritize the safety and wellbeing of everyone at the facility, and thank those for their patience during this process.