Round 5 Report: Jordan and Amy Szoke

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Jordan Szoke secured his 13th National Canadian Superbike title this past Sunday during the thrilling season finale of the Mopar Canadian Superbike Championship held at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park a stone throw away from the province’s capital of Toronto ON.

Although, it wasn’t easy. Szoke was plagued with extreme equipment failures and electrical issues happening on his top notch equipment.

“For us to have equipment problems, with both of our machines is extremely rare.” says Szoke “ We have the strictest racing program out there, I suppose it was to test how badly we really wanted to bring home the Canada Cup. And we did.”

Fans were treated to the season’s best display of Canada’s best road racing talent to date during all the weekends action as the top of the podium was graced with a few more of Canada’s best.

Szoke started Saturdays race just shy of pole position, missing out on the Dalton Timmis SuperPole on Friday.

“I’m happy to be up here, because we really haven’t had the best of weekends,” Szoke lamented. “The new bike that we had this weekend isn’t running, and the engine let go in the other bike which was really scary.”

However, he was quick to point out that his mechanical difficulties are not the reason behind Young’s stellar performance. “I’m not trying to take anything away from Ben. He put in a heck of a lap,” Szoke continued. “I still feel comfortable, so now we’re just going to concentrate on the championship.”

Szoke collected some important points in Race 1 of 2 on Saturday finishing third behind fellow competitors Ben Young and Kenny Riedmann, unable to secure the championship, Szoke concentrated on clinching the title with a conservative result on Sunday. Szoke hasn’t finished on the third tier since the season opener in 2011.

“They were really fast out there today, and they have been all season, but I was sort of just along for the ride,” said Szoke, who had been battling rare mechanical issues earlier in the weekend. “Ben actually helped me with a motor, which is crazy coming from a competitor, and the bike setup was perfect. But congrats to Ben, he’s been working hard all year and he’s earned it.”

Sunday’s race was a thriller finding Szoke celebrating it beside the podium with his fellow competitors in fourth position. Clinching his record breaking 13th National Canadian Superbike Title.

“Definitely one of the tougher championships I’ve won, that’s for sure,” he laughed. “But we battled through, and it was a tough race and a tough season. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster year, so this one means a lot.”

“We partnered with BMW in 2012, and we’ve now won six championships and probably could have won all seven,” he said. “I’ve had a really great run here with the team and the bike, and it’s been awesome. Thank you BMW Motorrad, I hope we have done your brand proud.”

With the CSBK season over, Szoke will now have to sit sidelines during the BMW Motorrad World Race Trophy Challenge as he will nave no more opportunities to collect valuable points. Szoke has won the overall title once for Canada in 2016. Szoke currently sits 1st in the World Rankings.


Szoke’s wife Amy also competed in the Magneti Marelli Amateur Superbike Action amongst a solid field of national regulars. Lucky #13 appeared to be the tone of the weekend as Amy improved her qualifying result from 16th to 13th by finishing race #1 on Saturday respectively in that spot.

“I had a hard time lining up for that one.” says Amy. “With all the problems happening on the other side of the tent, it was really challenging for me to focus on really wanting to push hard, but in the back of my mind I couldn’t shake the thought of bringing in a crashed motorcycle. Which would have been very (very) bad!” laughs Amy. “Although I’m really pumped I was able to improve my personal best lap times by over 2 seconds, and throw down a consistent lap on every 12 laps of the race. This super bike is a beast to hang onto around here but the payback for all that effort is the most fun I’ve ever had on a motorcycle.”

Amy rounded out her weekend by also finishing #13th during the final race held on the schedule during Sunday’s Magneti Marelli Amateur Superbike Action.

“While the rest of the team was celebrating Jordan’s 13th National Title, I was sitting in hot pits waiting for my 5 min horn.” smiles Amy. “I was able to catch Jordan on his way to the podium for a quick hug before having to toss my helmet on. I’m pretty proud of that guy, and our team for making it happen for all of us this weekend. The crew worked so hard on his stuff, all the while making sure I was still taken care of. Jordan also borrowed a motor from a competitor so he wouldn’t have to use mine. I’m pretty lucky to have them all in my corner.”

Amy finished up her season sitting 8th in the National Amateur Superbike Standings.

“The top 5 Amateur Superbike competitors earn the right to move up to Pro status for next season. I really wanted to show that I could run fast enough to step up to the big guys. Although I fell a little short so I am a bit bummed about that. Lofty goals I know! What an opportunity this season and I am so glad that I took it.”

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