Szoke Victorious in Kelso MTB Cycling Event

Defending Kelso Mountain Bike Race Series champion Jordan Szoke catches his very first cycling victory of 2014 in style at the Kelso Conservation Area located just shy of Milton Ontario Canada.

Mother nature has not been kind to the championship as three out of their eight races were cancelled due to the nasty weather conditions plaguing the southern Ontario region this summer.  This particular evening was an exception to the rule as the racers lined up to meet the new three lap course carefully laid out for them throughout the sections of the Niagara Escarpment.

Szoke caught the lead early, remained steady through the long hill climb and thoughtful navigating the woods.  When asked about the conditions Szoke replied. “I really like this course a lot, it is a bike handlers lap.  The organizers did a great job bringing in some tricky sections that really suited my style.”

The last lap caught Szoke in some lapped traffic but pulled away from the rest of the field quickly to catch the victory.  “I don’t know what it is about the last lap in these races.  I really put all my guts into it and we really pulled away on this one.  I’m so stoked to have brought home a win this time after missing a few races and having the rain cancel a few.  It feels good to be back on top.”

From a press release