Round 3 Report: Jodi Christie

Jodi Christie Overcomes Adversity to Capture Second Superbike Win at AMP

Jodi Christie and the Accelerated Technologies Honda Canada team brought home another Superbike win from Atlantic Motorsport Park in Nova Scotia this past weekend, at round 3 of the Mopar Canadian Superbike Championship. 

Jodi kicked off the weekend in similar fashion to previous years, attending the Pro Cycle Show and Shine on Thursday night to sign autographs and support the sponsors of the local round. The event was a great start to the weekend; with music pumping and beautiful Hondas in the showroom there is no better combination! 

Early Friday morning was damp, so the team decided it was best to sit out the first Hindle Exhaust Pro Sport Bike session and wait for a dry track later that morning. As Pro Superbike practice came around, Jodi went out on his CBR1000RR for his first laps at the venue and it was an eye opener—with the extraordinary power of the superbike, it took some time to get reacquainted with the tight, bumpy track! The team used the afternoon sessions to start working on race setup and ran comfortable times in both practice sessions, with Jodi topping the Sport Bike session and sitting in 2nd in Superbike at the end of day 1. 

Day 2 was a chilly Atlantic morning, and Jodi again led the Sport Bike session and continued to run 2nd in Superbike practice. He was ready to turn up the pace for afternoon qualifying, and proved so by clicking off a flyer in the Sport Bike session to earn pole position by .653 seconds over Kenny Riedmann. In the Superbike session, Jodi used the first 25 minutes of the split session to test some changes to the CBR1000RR and easily locked into the second half of the session for the top 10 riders only. On a new Dunlop rear slick, Jodi put in a flyer off the start with a time of 1:07.730 to qualify 2nd, just .120 seconds off pole position. Jodi attempted to put in a faster lap but was unable to do so with some rider errors, and opted to pull in while the bike was still in one piece. Overnight the team sent the AiM data acquisition information to the opposite coast, where Andrew Trevitt of Vancouver, BC helped with some setup ideas for Sunday morning. 

Race day began with another cold morning on Sunday, with air temperatures only just reaching 15 degrees Celsius with no sun on the track. Jodi decided not to take part in the Sport Bike session and would do a few laps on his CBR600RR in the Superbike session before going out on the CBR1000RR to test the overnight changes. He was able to top the morning warm-up session, and was comfortable with both bikes leading into the afternoon's races.  

Up first in the afternoon was the Hindle Exhaust Pro Sport Bike final, where Jodi was starting from the No. 1 spot on the grid and confident in his bike for the race. Jodi launched into 3rd place off the start and made a pass on the inside into corner 2 to place himself in 2nd on the opening lap behind Kenny Riedmann. As the two riders came up off the back straight, Kenny had a big wobble between corners 7 and 8. Jodi thought it would be a good opportunity to make a move on the outside of corner 8 for the pass into 9, but the bike thought different! As Jodi opened the throttle, the back end stepped out and the motorcycle began to try and buck him off. He managed to hold onto the bike for the first three bucks, but as they got progressively worse the fourth began to eject Jodi from the motorcycle and the fifth finished the job! Jodi went down hard at over 145kph! The hopes of claiming his fourth consecutive Sport Bike championship seemed like they were over…until Jodi realized that Kenny had also high-sided just one corner later! The incredible turn of events for both championship contenders left the whole crowd with dropped jaws. Jodi ran back to the pits to put the Sport Bike misfortune behind him and get his mind set for the Superbike final up in a few hours.  

Jodi reset his mind and knew he would have to be prepared to battle in the Superbike race. When he flipped the visor down on his Shoei helmet he knew he would have to dig deep with a body that was not 100 percent after the get-off in Sport Bike. Jodi launched into the lead down into corner 1 and led for 18 laps before Jordan Szoke made a pass into corner 5. With the race nearing its end, Jodi put his head down to keep the gap close and made a pass entering corner 9 to begin the last lap in the lead! Running a defensive line throughout the track, Jodi was overtaken again into corner 5 leading onto the back straight, and Jodi immediately began searching for another pass to make for the lead. With a good drive into corner 9, Jodi was able to get less than a bike length behind Jordan and stayed right there as the two riders drove out of the corner. Jodi took a slightly wider line on the drive out of 9 to be on the outside of Jordan's back wheel through corner 10, and then gave his Honda a shot of gas and passed Jordan on the inside of corner 11—the last corner of the track! Jodi then squared up the corner as best as he could and drove up onto the front straight to take his second career Superbike victory!  

Jodi Christie: "I am so happy to bring home another Superbike win out here at Atlantic Motorsport Park! It feels so good to go head-to-head with Jordan and come out on top. After crashing out of the Sport Bike race I really wanted this win to redeem myself and put myself into the points chase leading into the final rounds at CTMP."  

Watch Jodi take home the Superbike win here.

Footage from the spectacular Pro Sport Bike get off is here.


Results - Mopar Canadian Superbike Championshiop, Round 3, Atlantic Motorsport Park, NS  

Hindle Pro Sport Bike 

1. Trevor Daley (Honda) 

2. Kristopher Garvie (Honda) 

3. Caleb Noiles (Honda) 

4. Matt Covey (Honda) 

5. Louie Raffa (Honda) 

DNF: Jodi Christie (Honda) 


Mopar Pro Superbike Feature 

1. Jodi Christie (Honda) 

2. Jordan Szoke (BMW) 

3. Franklyn Dominguez (Kawasaki) 

4. Kristopher Garvie (Honda) 

5. Trevor Daley (Honda) 


Point Standings 

Hindle Pro Sport Bike 

1. Kenny Riedmann (99) 

2. Jodi Christie (95) 

3. Kristopher Garvie (88) 

4. Trevor Daley (83) 

5. Caleb Noiles (71) 


Mopar Pro Superbike 

1. Jordan Szoke (158) 

2. Jodi Christie (145) 

3. Trevor Daley (102) 

4. Sebastien Tremblay (91) 

5. Kristopher Garvie (88) 

Jodi Christie Racing competes in the Mopar Canadian Superbike Championship with support from Accelerated Technologies, Hindle Exhaust, Bazzaz, Dunlop, Pro 6 Cycle, AiM Sports Data Acquisition, DID Chains, Orient Express, Blue Streak Racing, Motion Pro, Elka Suspension, Motovan, Motul Oil, Zero Gravity, Renthal, Sunstar, Joe Rocket Leathers, Shoei Helmets, Mikey Moto, Bickle Racing, Villa Auto Wash, Rocky Ridge Drinking Water, Autographics LTD, Rod Hall-Remax, Molson-Coors,  Andrew & Peter Trevitt, Gary & Roslyn Christie and TCX Boots. 

The next round of the CSBK series takes place at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in Bowmanville, ON, August 15-17. Follow the team on Facebook (JodiChristieRacing) or Twitter and Instagram (@JCRacing20). For more information about the Canadian Superbike Series and to watch the races online, visit

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