Each National class will award the following points per each final event:

Position Points
1st 50
2nd 42
3rd 37
4th 32
5th 29
6th 27
7th 25
8th 23
9th 21
10th 19
Position Points
11th 17
12th 15
13th 13
14th 12
15th 10
16th 8
17th 6
18th 4
19th 2
20th 1


Points for FINAL QUALIFYING are also awarded in each of the National classes:

1st  4 points

2nd  3 points

3rd  2 points

4th  1 point

The competitor who leads the most laps in each final event, according to the official Timing System, will receive 2 BONUS POINTS.

A competitor must be running at the completion of an event to be considered a finisher. Only finishers are eligible for series points. Finishers must complete a minimum of 70% of the actual race distance, and cross the finish line within three minutes of the event winner.

In the case of Double Header weekends, the second race for each class will use a grid formed from the results of the first race.

Competitor Downloads

The following files are available for download in PDF version: