“Motorcycle Experience” Launches 35th Season on TSN

This week, The Sports Network launches the 35th season of “Motorcycle Experience,” the first motorcycle magazine show in Canada.  Started in 1989 as “Motorcycle Rider” by host and Executive producer David Hatch, this show has been a corner stone of the motorcycle community and TSN’s expanding motorsports programming.

In 2024’s opening of 13 episodes, the featured road test will centre on Kawasaki’s new “four hundred four,” the high-revving Ninja ZX-4RR.  This latest offering from the “mean green” will also be the centre piece of a new “spec” category in the Bridgestone Canadian Superbike Championship for 2024.

Hatch and Canadian Kawasaki Motors Jacob Black, a CSBK competitor, will discuss this new Ninja series on the National tour, including the western return to Edmonton, AB., June 20-23.

Show co-host Emily Roberts will chat with Riding Instructor Jenn Martin regarding tire choice and maintenance, a key focus of concern for all motorcyclists.

Moving on to Los Angles, California, Justin Balkos and Gerrad Capley will “blast through some famous California canyons,” in a Yamaha-backed feature.

Finally, Senior Editor and original season TSN participant Colin Fraser, colour commentator for CSBK on TSN, will begin his Suzuki-backed year of discussing the evolution of motorcycle technology with Hatch.  


Episode 1:

Monday, May 06 - 12:30pm eastern on TSN5

Tuesday, May 07 - 1:30pm eastern on TSN1

Tuesday, May 07 - 1:30pm eastern on TSN3

Wednesday, May 08 - 2:00pm eastern on TSN3

Thursday May 09 - 2:30pm eastern on TSN1

Friday, May 10 - 2:00pm eastern on TSN2


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