Flashback Friday: Mercier Leads Suzuki's Charge in the '80s

During the winter of 2022, CSBK will celebrate Suzuki’s 2021 National Manufacturer’s Title with a look back at the history of Suzuki’s production-based racers.  Each Friday will offer a glimpse into the impressive legacy of Suzuki’s success.

Image 1: Friday, January 7

The start of the dominant Suzuki Canada program of the 1980s was the 1984 production effort of Michel Mercier, with Management by just-retired former National Superbike Champion George Morin and tuning by Mike Crompton of Leitner and Bush Engineering.  In Open Production, the forerunner of our current Superbike category, Mercier used the chunky GS1150ES to battle Colin Gibb’s new-tech Kawasaki 900 Ninja for the Championship.  Mercier’s success on the bike he nick-named “the bus” led to his full Superbike program for the next season. Mercier is pictured at Sanair International, south east of Montreal near Granby, Quebec.