Team News: Kawasaki S4-R Competition Racing Oil Partners with Jordan Szoke

Canadian Kawasaki Motors is proud to provide Jordan Szoke with the latest Kawasaki S4-R Competition racing oil for his Ninja ZX-10R. 

The high-performance goals that propel Jordan Szoke and his Blackfoot Motorsports/Waznie Racing team to success are matched by Kawasaki’s dedication to improved technology and excellence across its range of products, including the Kawasaki line of lubricants. 

Jordan will carry the S4-R logo proudly on his Ninja ZX-10R during the second round of the Canadian Superbike (CSBK) championship at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. 

“I'm excited to represent Kawasaki and its S4-R Competition oil aboard my ZX-10R this weekend. Our team thrives in the hunt for ever greater performance, something I know drives Kawasaki across all its endeavors, including lubricants."

Vince Ros is a spokesperson for Kawasaki Racing Oils, “We are extremely pleased to continue our relationship with Jordan Szoke and Canadian Kawasaki Motors,” he said. “This partnership will showcase KAWASAKI LUBRICANTS’ leading edge products, that deliver performance, technology and success in competition.”

Kawasaki lubricants include the M4 mineral oil range and S4 range of synthetic oils for motorcycles as well as S2-R competition two-stroke oil and Watercraft S4 oil for Jet Ski. 

Jordan Szoke will use S4-R Competition oil in his Kawasaki ZX-10R as he seeks to claim a 14th national title. CSBK will compete this weekend, August 15 and 16 at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.

About Kawasaki S4-R Oil 

Kawasaki S4-R oil is custom-formulated to exacting specifications of Canadian Kawasaki Motors Inc. and is a premium 100% synthetic 10W40 competition motor oil that provides extreme performance and maximum protection for on-road / off-road racing and high-performance, supercharged, turbocharged 4-cycle engines. S4-R contains exclusive and unique advanced additive technology specifically engineered for maximum horsepower, as well as superior clutch and transmission performance.  Enhanced levels of Zinc/Phosphorus allow for exceptional anti-wear protection while advanced synthetic chemistry resists effects of intense heat.  Kawasaki S4-R oil is JASO MA2 Licensed. Kawasaki S4-R oil meets or exceeds the latest stringent JASO T 903:2016 criteria.


•Superior lubrication for maximum acceleration and horsepower

•Enhanced levels of Zinc/Phosphorus for exceptional protection at peak engine rpm

•Excellent high temperature durability

•Superb transmission performance

•Excellent wet clutch performance

•Outstanding engine cleanliness

•Certified JASO MA2 performance


L’Huile de Compétition de Course S4-R de Kawasaki s’associe avec Jordan Szoke

Les Moteurs Kawasaki Canadien sont fiers de fournir Jordan Szoke avec la toute dernière huile de course S4-R de Kawasaki pour sa Ninja ZX-10R.

Les objectifs de haute performance qui propulsent Jordan Szoke et son équipe de course Motorsports/Waznie vers le succès sont équivalents à la passion que Kawasaki met à l’amélioration de sa technologie et à l’excellence dans ses produits, incluant sa ligne de lubrifiants. 

Jordan arborera fièrement le logo S4-R sur sa Ninja ZX-10R durant le second tour du Championnat de Superbike (CSBK) au Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.

« Je suis excité de représenter Kawasaki et leur huile de compétition S4-R à bord de ma ZX-10R ce weekend. Notre équipe excelle dans sa recherche pour une performance accrue et je sais que c’est la même chose pour Kawasaki dans tous leurs projets incluant leurs lubrifiants. »

Vince Ros est le porte-parole pour l’huile de course Kawasaki : « Nous sommes extrêmement contents de poursuivre notre relation avec Jordan Szoke et les Moteurs Kawasaki Canadien, » a-t-il dit. « Ce partenariat va démontrer l’avant-garde de leur produit qui délivre performance, technologie et succès dans la compétition. »

Les lubrifiants Kawasaki incluent les produits d’huile minérale M4 et ceux de S4 en huile synthétique pour motocyclettes ainsi que la lignée S2-R d’huile de compétition pour moteur deux-temps ainsi que l’huile S4 pour motomarines.

Jordan Szoke utilisera l’huile de compétition S4-R dans sa Kawasaki ZX-10R lorsqu’il essaiera de gagner son 14e titre national. CSBK aura lieu la fin de semaine du 15-16 août au Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.

À Propos de l'Huile S4-R de Kawasaki

L’huile Kawasaki S4-R spécialement formulée, selon les specifications rigoureuses des Moteurs Kawasaki Canadien Inc. est une huile moteur 100 % synthétique de premier plan. Cette huile de compétition 10W40 assure des performances extrêmes et une protection maximum en courses, sur route ou hors route, ainsi que pour les moteurs 4-temps de hautes performances suralimentés ou turbo. Technologie d’additifs exclusive et unique conçue spécifiquement pour obtenir une puissance maximale et des performances supérieures de l’embrayage et la transmission. Niveaux de zinc/phosphore pour une protection exceptionnelle contre l’usure. Chimie synthétique avancée résistant aux effets de la chaleur intense. L’huile Kawasaki S4-R est homologuée JASO MA2. L’huile Kawasaki S4-R répond aux dernières normes les plus sévères JASO T 903:2016 ou les excède.


•Bon pouvoir lubrifiant pour une accélération et une puissance maximales

•Niveaux de zinc/phosphore pour une protection exceptionnelle lorsque le régime du moteur est maximal

•Excellente tenue à température élevée

•Excellente qualité de transmission

•Excellente performance d'embrayage à bain d'huile

•Propreté remarquable du moteur

•Performance certifiée JASO MA2


From a press release issued by Canadian Kawasaki Motors

More from a press release issued by Jordan Szoke:

Szoke Enters Into CTMP with Maximum Points

In the wake of the COVID crisis, our Canadian Superbike Championship emerged with the final stages of re-opening with a revised schedule. Keeping restrictions tight the organizers are able to keep everyone safe and racers charging for the checkered.

13 Time Canadian Superbike Champion Jordan Szoke claimed maximum points aboard his Canada General Warranty Kawasaki ZX-10R Ninja for the Canadian Superbike Invitational Round 1 season opener double header at Calabogie Motorsports Park by winning both races and claiming pole position.

The series makes a final stop at the familiar Canadian Tire Motorsport Park with another double header, minus any spectators, to recognize a 2020 Pro Superbike Class Champ. The most sought after Canada Cup for the feature class will not be awarded as per the series organizers.

“This season is strange for everyone” says Szoke, “I feel it is very important for us as racers to participate as we can. Everyone is doing their best last minute to provide us something to compete in and our Canadian Motorsports fans something to watch. From our our troubles last season we really have this Kawasaki ZX10R really ripping and working well. The bike build by us and the fine tuning and Scott Mille of Fast Company's motor work is just such an awesome collaboration. I’m really glad we got to show our motorsports fans what a great bike this Ninja really is. Team Green and I have historically always meshed well, I truly feel awesome this season and I'm excited to compete.”

Szoke also enters the weekend with a new supporter S4-R Lubricants. “We are really pumped to be backed by Kawasaki’s brand of lubricants. Their support helped us finish out this season. We are very grateful for their continued collaboration with our team.”

Something to be watching this weekend during live timing is the recent, complete re-paving of the famous 4.05 km long circuit. Szoke holds the current lap record set in qualifying in 2017 and also the race record also held by Jordan set in 2016. If conditions are right, you may see a new outright record established.

Live Timing:



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